• Devin Kerr

When is the Best Time to Visit Greece and Italy?

If you have plans to visit Greece you should aim for the months of September and October or go between April to June. This way you’ll avoid a lot of tourists and still enjoy the warm weather.

The best months to visit Italy are in the early parts of fall. If you go during these months it’s a lot cheaper than seeing Italy in the summer!

When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Greece is a beautiful country that offers a rich history, amazing food, gorgeous weather and architecture making it the perfect place to visit. Since it’s such a great place to visit it’s no surprise that it can get pretty packed with all of the tourists that come to visit!

If you’re going to visit Greece, I would recommend going from April to June or in September and October. These are the best times to go because the weather is warm, there’s lots of events and you avoid the peak months for tourists. I would avoid going in the winter as the northern parts of that region can get quite cold with temperatures reaching zero degrees Celcius.

When Should You Avoid Greece?

If you’re not a big fan of cooler temperatures, I would avoid going to Greece in the winter as the temperature starts to drop. It can get quite cold in the winter the further you go towards the mountains.

If large crowds and a packed city aren’t your thing, you should definitely avoid Greece in July and August as these are the two months that see the most tourists. It also doesn’t help that these are the two months where cruise ships tend to stop in Greece as well.

When is the Best Time to Visit Italy?

Like Greece, the best time to visit Italy is also in the fall. I would recommend travelling to Italy in September and October. Usually during these months prices of food and other things tend to drop as there’s a lot fewer tourists!

Certain parts of Italy can also be pretty cold in the winter! This is especially the case the more you go inland towards the mountains.

When Should You Avoid Italy?

You should avoid Italy in April and the summer. April in Italy can get quite busy due to Easter! The summer months aren’t the best either as that’s when Italy sees the most tourists, and the more tourists there are the more their prices increase!

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